granny week

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have you noticed that it’s now cool to be a granny? not necessarily a grandma. grandmas are always in style. but i’m talking about grannies. the kind that cook from scratch and sew and decorate with doilies. it’s even fairly stylish to raise your own chickens. grannies have a certain charm and skill set that i dig. i think i’ll make a good one. but grannies don’t just wake up and know all this stuff. you have to learn this. probably from another granny. the thing is that my mom and my grandma … they aren’t much into this particular genre. i did not learn how to pluck a chicken or can anything out of my garden at a tender age. i learned all kinds of other stuff, but not canning. and most of my friends, not so much either. so next week we embark on elaborating on this particular daydream. next week is granny week. so go find a floral apron. or better yet, make one. on monday we are making chicken and dumplings, girls! in the meantime, check out (just in case you don’t already know) the divine ladies who have made granny chic what it is today.

first two photos from the fabulous dottie angel.

i always love danielle thompson.

also check out under the sycamore for some inspiration and great diy tutorials.

and here is a fave of mine. our third image comes from film in the fridge. she’s mastered putting a truly modern take on a granny sport, quilting.

[update: this post was the first of a fun week called granny week. it lives on this link right now. so go here for all the fun granny week stuff. but starting now, the blog party is right here. i just like it better.]


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