getting ready for spring…

this month we’re going to be getting ready for spring.  i’m in texas, so it’s mostly here. it’s time to get cracking. let’s start with the spring look.  i’m so not the fashion girl, but i am starting to dip my toes into clothes. just a little. don’t expect great things. i still mostly shop at target. but i’m at least getting an idea of how to put things together and finding a good look for myself. one of my main new years resolutions was to eliminate buttcrack from my daily wardrobe and for me that means nixing jeans for the most part. my hip to waist ratio is ridiculous and they just don’t sell jeans like that at target.  i’m definitely seeing some cute  looks. here’s what i’ve found. note that all of these hide boobs and crack. we’re bending over all day (picking up toys, kids, food). this outfit will keep you covered and cute. i’ve also got a cute little fashion pinboard going on if you want to have a look. see ya tomorrow!

Movies with the kids

Movies with the kids by lcsmom on

Abercrombie Fitch cotton short
$24 –

$4.99 –

Cynthia vincent shoes
$25 –

H&M Shop Online

Italian Luxe Boutique

Movie tickets and Popcorn


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