bless the house

ok, so this week we’re talking about getting your home ready for spring! seasonal decorating, freshening up the patio, maybe even a little gardening… you should know that though i talk a lot about order and routines, i mostly do that because i’m talking to myself. naturally, i’m not very orderly. i’ve found (through the fabulous flylady) that contrary to my natural belief tendencies, that order and routines actually help my creativity. i can think more clearly when i don’t feel guilty or chaotic. so, anyhoo, in flylady world monday is the day we do the big cleaning for the week. she calls it the weekly home blessing (click here for a podcast to keep you company). it’s better than saying chores, right?  if the weather is nice and you’re feeling spring clean-ish, then run through this list. as much or as little as you want. don’t pull out too much! so do you’re cleaning and you’ll get a surprise on friday…

Source: via Anna on Pinterest


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