i got you a little something.

it’s not this little picture either, but that’s just the picture i’ve got for you today. my son’s very own cucumber plant back there in the turquoise pot, and a strawberry in my little terra cotta pot. i’m loving these cute little pots. the colors just look so fun together. i’m on a big gardening kick lately too. that’s absolutely brand new to me. i’m not sure how well that’s going to go, but i sure do like the idea.

but i did get you a little something on my shopping trip the other day. my first ever giveaway just because i like giveaways and i’d like to share a teeny little treasure with you today. i have never won a giveaway, but maybe today is your lucky day. all you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling me about something beautiful in your own commonplace today. and then when i wake up tomorrow morning i’ll do that fancy number generator thingy and see who wins.you want to see what it is? this darling little sachet from happ & stahns. you can barely see them, over there on the right. they smell terrific. i think i’m going to put mine in my car.  if you don’t win, no worries, i’ve got something for the rest of you next week. something to perk up your morning cleaning routines. that can’t be bad, right?


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