pretty up your routines

good morning! i made a little something for myself and then i thought that maybe you might like one too. they are my routine cards. flylady always teaches us to build on our habits to make our cleaning routines automatic. and i like pretty stuff. so i made some pretty and inspiring little routine cards. this is what i do first thing in the morning. i left one blank too, so that if you do something different you can just jot it down with a sharpie. i’ll make another one next week. and you just feel free to click on the link and print out. they’re gigantic apparently, but i’m printing mine as  4×6 inches onto matboard, punch a hole and put a ring on them. that way when i’m standing around looking at the mess i’ll be able to know where to start. at #1. practice your “first thing in the morning routine” to get you off to a good start. and then we’ll expand from there. 😉


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