WIP week

welcome to WIP week! i hope i don’t bore you too much with my personal little works in progress, but i thought it might be good for you to see my real deal life. so you know i’m doing this stuff with you. and the truth of the matter is that, though i love my house and my life, it’s not always picture perfect. like we see on most blogs. so i’m just going to be honest this week instead of waiting to get it all perfect. so here we go. monday. this is what i am working on now. gardening. we did this last week and i’m continuing to work on it. we took out a million rocks and replaced it with soil. i’m going to have a little garden. i’ve been completely unable to do anything in the front because our little one is two and is just now able to be in the front without running into the street. talk about freedom! i love gardening. and i’m getting some little arm muscles and a tan. nice. now the after picture is a little anti-climactic, i know. i’ll show it to you again in two years, ok?

so now it’s your turn. got any WIPs? what are you working on? leave me a comment or shoot me a picture. i’d love to knock some of this stuff out this week, wouldn’t you?


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