the coolest lemonade stand ever of all time

so here’s a little project we did a few weeks ago for my nephew’s bday.

so here’s the scoop on what i used:

1. we made this lemonade stand using free plans from knock-off wood for our kiddos. we modified it a bit for this one by making the shelves deeper and nixing the top on it. it made it slightly less adorable but more practical as the kids grow tall pretty quick. here it is getting some paint, and then the finished product.

2. for the signs i used chelsea parsons’ parachute paper pack. the font is traveling typewriter. for the sign on top i printed and framed as an 8×10. i also did a matching one that says ‘bake sale’ just in case they want to change up the merchandise for the day.  for the bottom sign i printed it on matboard as a 10×20 from mpix. then we drilled holes and hung the ribbon. the sign says “today we are selling” and then i painted some chalkboard paint on there, and then “all proceeds go to” and then more paint. that way they can change it up as they please.

3. the knob is just a cheapie porcelain knob from home depot.

4. all the accessories are calypso for target. get it while you can. it’s almost gone!

i love this stand so much! this is my favorite gift ever. i can’t wait to revamp ours.


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