a little announcement…


So guess what? We’re expanding our little family. We’ve decided to adopt this time. And right now we don’t even know the specifics of whether it will be one or more. It feels crazy but more right than I can express. We have always been open to adoption, but this last week we really decided it was time. God makes his intentions clear and if you really listen and are willing, whoa, it’s a crazy ride! You should try it sometime. I highly recommend it. And now starts the journey of waiting and paper chasing and shamelessly begging for money. Oh, yeah…. can you spare a few bucks? Our little guy is coming all the way from Ethiopia and the process is going to cost us $30K over the next year! If you’re feeling the need to help out, send a little dough our way. I’ve set up a paypal account and any money you shoot this way will help out with all financing, big and small. You can send it to artisticdomestic@yahoo.com . First up is the first installment of the program fee, $1500. And if you can’t help financially and you’re the praying type, send those our way too. We’re praying for peace in our children’s heart, the child that is already here and out there somewhere, the money to make this happen, and clarity on how many to go for. Here we go…


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