adoption update: getting started.

hey guys,

i told you i would keep you posted on this adoption thing, so i’ll do that on saturdays. it’ll help document it for me too. i’m really bad about making albums and all that…

this week has been exciting. i’m really anxious and ready to get started. we received all of our introduction info and application. we’ve been working on the application and doing crazy stuff to get enough money to get the ball rolling. so this week we paid off our truck, leaving us completely debt free and still socked away around $1000. i started taking sessions again (did you know i’m a photographer? it’s true. need a session in houston or galveston? LOL.) brandon is selling a car that we never work on today. that’ll help. the agency wants to see a few thousand in the bank before they approve. so that’s where we are in the process. we hope to press the submit button this coming friday (payday, baby). if you want to help us speed up the process, just zip over to this page and there’s a handy dandy paypal button.

we’ve also started thinking about the long term fundraising. we’re going to be holding an art auction in the spring and have an original painting donated by michelle armas! i can’t believe it, really! that’s very exciting! i’ll show you pics when i get them. it feels so good to have people supporting us, i can’t even tell you.

as far as the child itself, this week we sort of determined that we would like a child off of the Waiting Child list. that means he’s probably got special needs. we don’t feel quite prepared for something that requires intense medical intervention, but some of the “special needs” are very treatable if that’s even necessary. some of them might have large birthmarks, vision impairments, or simply be over the age of 5, making them likely to never be adopted. well, we think 5 is plenty young for us! so pray for us, that our child is doing ok in the midst of a disastrous drought and that he’s feeling loved today. that’s this week’s update, folks.


One Comment on “adoption update: getting started.”

  1. Christie Watson says:

    I had no idea you guys were adopting! I am so excited for you though and will keep you in my prayers. That is awesome!

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