adoption update: turned in application

ok, guys. here’s this week’s update:

we turned in our application with america world adoption agency yesterday. step one, check. we’ll know within 10 days if we’re accepted or not, but we’re hopeful. man, this week has lead us down some crazy roads. we thought we knew what we wanted. we thought we could see ourselves adding a 4 year old boy into the mix. but upon hearing more stories of waiting children we have found that we can see ourselves with any of them. a two year old girl that has a vision impairment, a 4 year old boy, 2 older girls. we’ve heard of these two sweet girls, 9 and 13, that have waited years for a mother. in two years the thirteen year old girl will be forced out of the orphanage and in all likelihood, into prostitution to survive. and ironically, she probably won’t survive. she’ll probably contract HIV, have a baby, and the baby will end up in the orphanage. we can see ourselves with those girls. i don’t know what that would look like. i would probably feel more like an aunt or sister to them, and adjusting to america as a teenager i’m sure would be difficult. but we’re up for it. so i guess the update for the week is…. we’re open to whatever situation God plops down in front of us.

in the meantime, i hate to interrupt your day with sadness ( i really do, that’s not sarcasm), but there is a crisis going on in my child’s homeland. and my child is there. they are relying on emergency donations of life sustaining nut paste and water to keep them alive through this drought, the worst in 20 years. if you have an extra penny, please send it to world vision or UNICEF to aid. it might be my own little one that you are saving.


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