adoption update: we’re in!

hey guys,

sorry about neglecting the blog. i went out of town for a few days and when i came back i got to work on my fundraiser and it’s been pretty time consuming. so… on the adoption front, we got a phone call yesterday saying that we are approved and accepted into the ethiopia program with awaa. we’re super excited. our first giant chunk of cash goes out today. it hurts but we’re excited about that too.

and on the fundraiser front, i had this cool idea and a few other artists and bloggers thought it was cool and helped out. jessica rose of volume 25 did the awesome artwork. lots of my favorite bloggers are helping to promote it on opening day. but now i need YOU. yes, you. i need you to help spread the word. i’ve made a new blog and it’s not just for me. it’s for other adopting families too. it stands to be kind of cool. but the most important aspect is that it’s extremely viral. see, i need everyone to give me $1. but i need 30,000 people to do it. here’s the blog. it’ll tell you more about how it’s going to work. but we’re going to blast one family or project at a time. one each week. august 8th is opening day, but you can have a little sneak peek if you want. be sure and subscribe over on the right hand side. that will tell you when we have a new project, but to keep it simple we’ll just do one post a week on mondays. but still subscribe. and next week we’ll all hit it at the same time. i need you to blog, facebook, email, twitter, whatever that you gave a dollar. and that’s how it’s going to get big. there are lots of other bloggers and artists helping too. we just need lots of numbers. so spread the word. august 8th.

and about artistic domestic… sorry guys, but i better pack up for a while. i will continue to keep my domestic life artistic, but as for now i’m working on this adoption thing. i hate to bore you with it since it’s not really the topic of this blog. but then i don’t have much time to play on the pinboards anymore either. what started out as an interest in africa turned into a journey to save a child and that’s turned into a passion for all orphans. and well, that’s a full time job. so i’m taking my mad skills over to do some good. wish me luck. and give me a dollar next week! 🙂


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