chicken crazy

so i think i’ll pick up this blog again. give1save1 is starting to catch on and i know the whole adoption community doesn’t care to hear about my nesting and current obsession with chicken. but you do, don’t you? ok, so to recap, my daughter was in a fire accident a few weeks ago (minimal physical damage, thank God). my aunt came in from out of town to help me cook and clean and get on top of things while i sort of nursed girly back to health. well, having my aunt here was such a blessing. it was like having flylady do a housecall. she helped me figure out how to plan and freeze meals. not that i didn’t really know how, but she helped me get in a place where i was so far ahead of the curve that i could do it. and anyway now i’m highly focused on getting dinners ready ahead of time and cooking proper food and not so many hot dogs. so chicken is my new best friend. and this is my new favorite pinboard. if you need some dinner inspiration, this is the ticket.


One Comment on “chicken crazy”

  1. Kori says:

    Okay. THANK you for posting this! There are so many awesome ideas on there!! Would your Aunt be available for hire?? 🙂

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