spray paint psychotic

well, i know i’m a little late to the party, but apparently spray paint is awesome. and i’m just looking for something to spray now. i saw a whole array of gorgeous colors at aaron’s brothers. apparently this line carries over 200 colors. not your standard fire engine red, black, white or navy. all kinds of great colors. and we’ve been going nuts trying to get ready for homestudy. i know it’s not like our social worker is going to look around and say “no, i don’t think you’re fit parents at all. what kind of person has a buffet from the 90’s?” i know that. but still, when a stranger comes to inspect your house you really want it to look good, right? and now that we’re on a roll, i can’t stop. all this stuff i’ve been meaning to get around to, i am finally doing it. i found this cool little color cheat sheet on pinterest. awesome, right? i have a bookshelf that is about to get the graffiti can in avocado, i think. and a wardrobe in blue green and a lamp in honey mustard. oh my!


One Comment on “spray paint psychotic”

  1. Kori says:

    Check out my sister’s furniture refinishing page on facebook “Lily Field Furniture”…you’ll get some fun inspiration! 🙂 Your color choices sound awesome!

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