the girls’ room vision

ok, folks, we’re starting to get into the decorating mind frame. we’ve got 2 young ladies joining the household here in the next year (hopefully) and they’ll need a cute room as all young ladies do. so i have super officially come up with the colors and concept. ready? i know you’re on pins and needles. i’ve expressed it in watercolors because that’s what i’m into these days. here goes.

so in real life it might look something like this. bedding in grey and white with a little mild yellow, dwell from target. pillows too. sheets from anthro. ok, probably in my dreams, but at least something in that blue yellow white color scheme. the blues, greens, and yellow dots on the side are yoyos. i am making a yoyo quilt for the foot of their beds. want to sponsor a yoyo? the walls are ivory and i think i’ll do an accent wall in a really soft greige. so that’s that. yellow, grey, white, blues. really calm but pretty. that’s what i’m going for. i’ll keep you posted as it comes together.


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