holiday mission #2. the control journal.

day 2 and i’m still going strong. sometimes getting started is the hardest part. well, i’m all over this one! i got a small binder and made up a little watercolor tree for the front cause i’m goofy like that. and then i sat down with some peppermint tea and worked on filling in some blanks in my control journal. i actually put a pretty good dent in it. i came up with my family gifts. you know, when you have a giant family that are friends of yours and you’d go dead broke if you really bought each of them presents. and you don’t know what to get the husband anyway. well, i figured out what to get those families on the fairly cheap and thoughtful and homemade. teachers too. i’m baking them apple pies. just simple apple pies. but check my packaging: this clamshell is a blank canvas. wrap it up with black and white twine. then i’m smacking a label on the top that is going to be our christmas card printed as a sticker. yes yes yes! i’m on. so i bought the clamshells and the twine today. and i’m feeling fantastically on top of things.


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