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I love love love Blurb books. In theory anyway. I’ve yet to actually print mine, but I’m working on it. I have a book going for both of my kiddos. I post pics of them and notes to go along with it, like a daily journal. And I plan on printing them after Christmas. I have loved chronicling their daily lives like this. That’s the stuff that slips away, so it’s great to have it bound and forever on your shelves. But I found this pin a few days ago and I’ve become a bit obsessed. I love the idea of a family cookbook. My Brother In Law always makes fun of my cooking (if it’s not a sugar + butter recipe) and has for many years suggested that I pen a cookbook and name it I’d Eat That. That’s what he says when I make real food. Cause it’s gross but he still eats it anyway. Anyhoo, I think I’ll be sticking with baked goods for my recipe book. I think these would be awesome Christmas gifts! These are a few of my favorite foodie pics of my kids that will be gracing the cookbook.

And along the Christmas line, sorry I’ve been such a slacker on here. I get busy with life and adoption and the other blog and this one tends to take the backseat. But I’m plugging away at Christmas and feeling really awesome about it. Can’t wait, actually. How about you? Have you kicked off your holidays yet?



One Comment on “Blurb Cookbook”

  1. Terry says:

    That pic of Will is freakin’ AWESOME!!!

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