Feeling Ambitious About 2012

Hey you guys. Last year was the first year that I really attempted a New Year’s Resolution. I picked 5 actually. And they worked out pretty well. I have to say that the biggest improvement in my year is the absence of my booty in public. Yes, the resolution to abolish buttcrack from my wardrobe turned out to be a big deal. I mostly gave up jeans. You see, I’ve got a crazy waist to hip ratio and they just don’t make jeans like that at Target. So basically this year I switched to mostly dresses. Leggings in the winter and maxi dresses in the summer. You can dress them down, it’s no biggie. But I actually feel pretty pulled together most of the time and I don’t miss jeans a bit. Or that weird maneuver to pull down my shirt or hike up my pants. Sheesh. Anyhoo, this year I’m feeling a little ambitious about my 2012 Top Five. I haven’t nailed them all down, but I’m working on it. Topping my chart is:

1. Join an Online Quilting Bee

Pinned Image

I have a tendency to start really complex quilts and never finish them. As a result I have many very tiny and complicated top quilts that I will never finish. I enjoy a beautiful top quilt, but I’m not very patient. I need to just accept that and move on. My favorite part is hand quilting. SO I think the solution is a quilting bee. As I understand it, you make one block and so does everyone else and then they send it to the lucky gal of the month. So every month I’d be making a cool block, but only one month would be my lucky quilt month. That sounds great. Plus, I’ll get to meet more people, work on my aversion to the post office (shipping blocks) and sticking to a deadline, and learn more about sewing.

So there’s my #1. Anybody else thinking about resolutions?


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