Christmas Revamp. Stage 1.

Hey you guys. So… I gotta just give my take on The Christmas Conundrum. You’ve read it, right? Ok, cool. Then let’s discuss.

I’ve gotta say Jen hit the nail on the head with this one. Left nothing unsaid. Except for how to undo what’s already been done. So, we’re talking about nixing Santa ourselves. Only problem is that we are midstream. We have a six year old that we just took on The Polar Express! (It was awesome, by the way). But Jen has a point in saying that kids can’t be loyal to both Santa and Jesus. And we’re just going to have to pick Jesus. Next Christmas we will likely have another daughter with us. One that  will be able to judge what we believe by what we show her. I want to show her that we choose Jesus and not the world or American culture or whatever. Now at the same time, I truly believe in the magic of Christmas. I love the lights and the special activities and the nasty weather and all of that. And I swear to you that people really are kinder. I love that stuff. Even the bad Wham music. All of it. But it’s true that we’ve gone overboard on the Santa/elf/gifts bit of it. So phase one of the operation is being implemented this year. We have a six year old and a three year old, so we’ve got to keep it simple. So here’s the angle we’re taking. ‘Christmas is not your birthday, it’s Jesus’ birthday and we will give him gifts that he likes on His birthday. What kind of things does Jesus like best? For us to take care of His people.’

Ok, stay with me for one more minute, cause we’re almost there. So starting NOW Phase One begins. More Jesus than we have. A LOT more. We still have two weeks to make this point and start a really cool tradition. I’ve seen some cool action advent calendars around where each day you do a Christmas activity. I came up with my own spin. Today is 12 Days Until Christmas. So we came up with a fun action first. Every day will be a new way to learn about Jesus or to do a service project. He likes that kind of stuff. Today we’re watching the birth of Jesus as told by Linus. It’s a Charlie Brown movie night.

So I think we can still have some serious Christmas fun with this and incorporate more of the real meaning of Christmas. I know I’m a lame blogger lately on this one, but I’ll be documenting these next 12 days so we can see how it all shapes up. I’ll keep ya posted.


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