A Super Ugly DIY that I really Kinda Like Alot

So, earlier I was talking a bit about adding more Jesus into our Christmas and pulling back on the Santa thing. The thing is… cute Jesus decor is not super common. It’s not at Target or anything. You’ll have to dig around a bit to find the cool stuff. I tried to make something myself. It’s a little embarrassing actually. But everybody’s doing really cool DIY stuff, so I had a go. Ready? It’s really hard. I painted this canvas. Then I just got spazzy with it and sticking all kinds of weird stuff in the paint. Like beads. Then I poked a bunch of holes in it so the lights would shine through. And then I plugged in these lights, and tada. Funky decor. Ok, I know it’s a little ugly, but I think somebody could make it really cool and I sort of like it. And I had alot of fun making it!

And now moving on to people that actually know how to properly create art… My house is filled with Flor Larios art at Christmas. The last two years I bought her original Christmas pieces. I also have tons of her ornaments. Check out her awesome shop. Her style is perfection to me.

And finally, the DIY that I totally wish I had gotten around to. It’s just not going to happen this year, but still. I love it. Photo and tutorial by Eighteen25.

There you have it. My picks for the un-tackiest Christian Christmas design. Do you have any gems that I need to know about?


One Comment on “A Super Ugly DIY that I really Kinda Like Alot”

  1. Tisha says:

    The Christmas Pure and Simple is the coolest Christmas decor I have ever seen! We are trying to do that same thing. I don’t think I have even said the word Santa this year… well… maybe in a song or two. I could kick myself, because the ONLY reason we even do Santa is because I didn’t want my kids to be THAT kid that tells his whole class. If I would of only of known that we would be homeschooling! 😉

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