Paleo Diet Sucks.

You know what I love? Sugar and gluten. So, day 4 of the wretched Paleo diet. And this is what I wish I was eating.

the loveliest hummingbird cake ever

Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes {there's a peanut butter cup inside the chocolate cupcake!}

Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels.

But, alas, sleeveless weather is upon us (in Texas anyway). So I’ve got a few more weeks of this nastiness. I must pay for all the cookies that happened this winter. Meh.

But in good news, my paintings are actually selling. Look what I made this week.

And I’ve got a few more commissions in the works. If you have a little lady that needs a painting, let me know. Each sale helps fund our adoption granting me much needed peace of mind and breathing room! I’ve got an etsy shop now, too, so I’m totally official.


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