Sponsored Girls Series

Hey everybody! I’ve had this little brainstorm and I’d love to share it with you. I have a new little one, Ypolite. She lives in a tent city in Haiti and is available for sponsorship through HELP. While we still don’t qualify to adopt we’ll be content with sponsoring. I had no idea how much our sponsored children value our relationships with them. NO idea. Until I read this. Now I’m planning on upping my game in the sponsor department. Today I made this painting of Ypolite and printed a verse on it. It’ll hang in our home as a reminder to pray for her. If you have a little girl that you sponsor and would like a custom piece, email me her picture and name. I’ll also include a 4×6 tiny piece for you to mail to her so you’ll have matching prints. The painting is original mixed media on canvas, and the child’s version will be small and a reproduction of the original. But it’ll be small enough to mail and I’m sure it’ll be a fun gift.


One Comment on “Sponsored Girls Series”

  1. Chantelntel says:

    Oh Beth, this is SUCH a good idea! I love it!

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