A Year of Yes

Today starts a journey. I have read that everyone has a spiritual gift to be used to further the kingdom. When I think of such gifts I think of the the gift of wise council. Musical inclinations. Beautiful and inspiring speaking and writing (sorry if you’re reading this. Writing is not one of my gifts). Patient teachers and nurses. But I’m not great at any of those things. I’ve dabbled in all of them and shown no unnatural talent. I usually finish my volunteer stint frustrated and exhausted and wish I had the joy that I see some others with when they’re in their element.

Don’t get me wrong, I have joy. And there are moments when I feel like I’m so naturally good at something that it must be a gift from Heaven. Like when I’m shopping or planning a party or goofing off on the internet. Nobody knows Pinterest like me. But these little talents of mine have always kind of mocked me. Sure, I can make a blog look pretty, but that doesn’t really change the world. Until it did. Last August I decided that I’d start a blog and be faithful to it for a year. It would benefit others. And so it has. It’s made over $30,000 for families adopting from Africa. It touches lives and relieves a burden just by existing and I’m so proud of it.

Now my year is coming to a close and I’ve learned something. I’ve been in a crazy tornado of realizing that my ‘silly’ talents are a unique (and slightly bizarre) skill set to accomplish what I’ve been put here for, and I’m determined to use every ounce of what I have to further the Kingdom.

So for the next year, the Year of Yes, I’ll be doing all the hair brained ideas I think of. If there’s a way, I want to do it. And I want to show you and myself what happens when we trust God and are faithful to the Master Plan. Because I’d love to see you do the same. If we all said yes to the wild ideas that really do suit us, imagine the joy we could feel in our ministries. And guess what? If the ministry that fits you best doesn’t exist, you can make it!

Here’s my skill set:

Photography, design, blogging, party planning, painting, internet surfing. Yes, I’m going to count internet surfing as a gift. It’s served me well so far! And now I’m going to get started. And to kick if off I made a new formula. Painting + Blogging + Advocacy= Hopefully, a sponsor for Michel. Details here.


2 Comments on “A Year of Yes”

  1. Jenna says:

    thank you for using your gifts to further the Kingdom!!!

  2. Chantel says:

    I love this! I want to embark on a year of yes!! I started on a journey last April that has really turned my life upside down (or maybe right side up) and I can’t imagine what God has planned for the next year. I love the crazy random skills that you have been given and the ways you have found to help so many people. You really are an inspiration to me! Now I am off to analyze my skill set and figure out what I can do in my Year of Yes.

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