Indestructible Nativity Blocks

I LOVE my new little project. My kids always kill my nativity sets, so I decided to make some. I think they’ll have a really hard time ruining these. I’ll give a full tutorial later when I have them all done, but check it out. Brandon cut a 2×4 into a block and sanded the edges. I painted, collaged, crackled, glittered, and inked. Then I wrote the appropriate verse on the back so the story’s really easy to tell. Then I sealed it with a top coat to protect and keep it all where it goes. Check out my baby Jesus. 





4 Comments on “Indestructible Nativity Blocks”

  1. crystal says:

    Omgoodness, you MUST sell these to those of us who are less fortunate in the craftsy area of our life! 🙂 LOVE!

  2. Helengrey says:


  3. Brad Heintz says:

    Love these! I want a set for my Grand God-Son Logan!

  4. Oh I love these Beth! What a great idea!

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