Angel Vs. Elf


Well, we’ve done it. Every year I’m a bit conflicted about the dreaded Elf on the Shelf. I’ve been trying to way up the Jesus and way down the Santa thing, but really the Elf just tips the scale too far to the Santa side. So last year I made the decision to ditch the Elf. I figured my oldest would understand and the littles wouldn’t really remember. I was totally wrong! The oldest DID NOT understand. I had to figure something out. I have seen some awesome combos that might work, but that stinkin’ elf is alot of work and I really outdid myself last year. I do not have that kind of energy this year. So I came across The Christmas Angel. I gathered from the website that you move her around like the elf, but the book that comes with it is Manger-centered. Still fun, and would drive home the point of Christmas, right? So…

PROS of the Angel: You can touch her. She makes no threats. She tells the story of the birth of Christ.

CONS: She’s a tad funky looking. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe the dreadlocks? I’m not sure. Also, they leave out a tiny tidbit on the website. The book explains that you have to EACH DAY give something away or do something nice for others. Which is super duper awesome, but requires some planning I wasn’t planning on. But I’m getting it all together and I’m loving it actually.

She leaves glitter to give you a hint about what she wants you to do that day for your act of kindness. Like yesterday, she sprinkled glitter around the cookie jar. We baked up some cookies and took them to a neighbor.



They still love finding her every day. They don’t miss the elf at all. I’m really glad we made the switch.

LINKS: The Christmas Angel, Cookie Box from Garnish – Stock up at garnish. It always makes it look like you’ve got it together. Throw some washi tape and a cute printable on there and you’re good to go.


5 Comments on “Angel Vs. Elf”

  1. jenny m says:

    another reason to add to the list of ‘why i heart beth’ :). Seriously love this and appreciate you sharing! I have such a hard time with the creepy elf thing. Not even because he creeps me out (which he does) but because of the fact that this reinforces Santa being the center of Christmas AND that my boys need to behave because a scary, magic elf is watching, not because they need to obey and treat others with love and respect. SO…this angel is such an awesome idea! I also love that she encourages kind acts each day. Seriously. LOVE. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. crystal says:

    LOL . . . we have never liked and or done the elf thing (ditto what Jenny m said), what an awesome alternative . . . thanks, Beth!!! 🙂

  3. I love this! We’ve never done the elf thing (actually this year was the first year my husband had even seen one and he instantly declared it creepy) but I am loving the idea of the angel! Might just be adding this to my to-do list for next year! Thanks for sharing Beth!

  4. […] he looks pretty fun, but for a boatload of reasons we don’t have one.  A few weeks ago the hippest adoption blogger/friend I know introduced us to The Christmas Angel, an alternative to […]

  5. Ashley says:

    I am really excited about doing the angel this year. I am always so sad when I can’t to the elf because there are always so many cute ideas. But we don’t do Santa… I thought the angel was kinda silly looking too so I bought a barbie angel and hoping she is beautiful!

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