the coolest nativity ever


remember when i tried to make a modern, yet blinged out, nativity that my kids couldn’t destroy? well, it was too much work. sorry. but no worries, because these came out WAY cooler. you want the scoop? here’s how i did it.

step 1. beg your cute hubby to cut some 7 inch blocks out of a 2×4 (costs $3.50 at Home Depot). sand the edges too since it’s for little hands. you don’t want any splinters.


2. decorate (the basics). in this phase i painted the edges, maybe did a few splashes. here i already added the characters. don’t do that. next time i do this i’ll do it in the next step, so pretend like i didn’t.


3. print your printables. i got mine from caravan shoppe (check out their store, like, right now!). they recommend printing on rub-on transfer paper. i did that, but they were expensive and a little hard to understand. i ended up just cutting it out and mod podging them on (that’s a verb now). next time i’ll print on card stock or transfer paper instead.

4. add a coat of mod podge hard finish all the way around the whole deal. this is where i got a little carried away… add glitter, and stars if you’re into that kind of thing, while it’s still wet.


5. once it’s dry i finished it with a little liquid gold leaf around the edges. this is what i use. you have to do this last if you want it. the wood is really porous and soaks it up if there’s not that glue barrier to keep it from happening. there are a million different ways you could do all this. next year i’m making these for everyone in their house colors. like everyone. so cute and so cheap and ultra awesome!




One Comment on “the coolest nativity ever”

  1. Beth, these are so great! Even better than your last nativity idea!! LOVE LOVE!

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