Good Intentions. Or Resolutions.

Something happens every year to me around Christmas time. I L O V E Christmas and I get a touch of sadness after it’s over. Actually, kind of before it’s over! So I need to look ahead for a little pick me up. Luckily, New Year’s (a holiday I mostly don’t care about), is a week away. And while New Year’s Eve is not really my big thing, New Year’s Resolutions ARE because I love a fresh start. Mind, I don’t really usually stick to them, but I have liked the idea of a ‘theme’, if you will. The last few years I’ve gone with a ‘self discipline’ sort of theme. And actually it’s helped alot. I’ve become more disciplined in being organized and tidy. Yay me! This year I want to focus on chilling out.

This year I plan on being more of a blesser and less of a stressor to everyone I meet!

But I also have a few silly ones. I’ve definitely become overtaken with the desire to lose 10 pounds and start getting serious about Project Life. And also…

Shelf Dividers

{make my shelves look like this}


{drink more tea and less wine – and whiskey}


{eat- and feed- more real food made out of food}


{i’m also thinking about incorporating more neon spray paint, and a tad less glitter, into my life. i’m not sure about the glitter yet}

What about Y O U ? Do you have any resolutions, themes, words, whatever for the new year?


2 Comments on “Good Intentions. Or Resolutions.”

  1. Jenny says:

    I’m stealing all of your resolutions. With the exception of using less glitter. I never use the stuff. It gives me anxiety. The dog hair and leaves all around the house are enough for me to vacuum up on a (semi) regular basis as it is. 🙂 wish I lived closer and could stop by for a cup of tea (or wine or whiskey for that matter). Thanks for the inspiration to organize, de-clutter and eat better. 🙂

  2. Wynne says:

    beth! this is why i love you. you always have me cracking up! and i love your theme! it’s a good one. you’ve got me thinking more seriously about my theme/word. praying about it!!! love you!

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