happy new year (from the petri dish)

so we are a week and a half into super sickness! my two smallest of the small ones have been sick since before Christmas! abby’s getting much better, but poor poor jude looks like this. the whole thing is very wet. no fun!


abby was content to put on a drugstore tiara and stay up until 8 and yell ‘party’ with her voice all gone. that was pretty cute.


and we went to bed early. brandon fell asleep on the couch (he’s a shift worker, so i gotta cut him some slack). will took off to escape the crying baby and celebrated with grandma. i had a glass of champagne in bed (kind of fantastic, actually) and did some reading. i am really really looking forward to this year. super optimistic. i’m going with a theme verse this year. i pray it for you too. happy 2013!



One Comment on “happy new year (from the petri dish)”

  1. It seems everyone is sick this year! Hope your household gets better soon!

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