so, i’ve been recently introduced to an awesome find. have you heard of darling magazine?! i’m in love! truly. seriously, take a peek at the back cover.


i have the first issue in digital, but i am sooo missing real magazines. this one is not a glossy, ad-filled thing either. it’s really more like a book. it’s not something you read and toss, it’s a keeper. every single article is beautiful. fantastic writing and photos… just trust me. you’ll feel better about who you are if you read this magazine. that’s a pretty big endorsement, right? no exaggeration there. and they don’t even know i exist. this isn’t paid advertising or anything, i’m just ridiculously hyped about it. be warned, they are $20 a pop, but remember that’s because there are NO ads and tons of amazing articles. like i said, it’s really a book. that comes out quarterly! i can’t wait for the next one!

so i got so excited about it that i bought one for each of ‘my girls’. and i also painted them, something i’ve always wanted to properly do, but never get around to it. i painted one for myself and one for each of my closest friends. jen, the blonde on the right, gives me new papers and art supplies for christmas each year, so i did a whole set using my new goodies. i LOVE them.


in fact, i’m a little obsessed. i painted several others in this color scheme and pattern. there’s a few in the shop if they float your boat.



 and that sums up the start of my week. feeling creative, cozy, and gray… but gray in a good, cozy, creative way. you know what i mean?


3 Comments on “darling”

  1. tonyagarrick says:

    I love the chevron! I’ll have to check out Darling, too…

  2. wynneelder says:

    Wow!! Love their blog too. Pretty pretty!!

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