resolution check in

so, we’re a couple of days into being all around better people, right? how’s your endeavors going? i’m hanging in there with a help of few little things. i thought i’d share a few of my winners, and then i’d love to hear yours. this is weird stuff, ok, cause i need to make up little games and silliness to stay on track. first up, cleaning… the bane of my existence. ironically, i’m a hospitality kind of gal. i like to entertain alot. the problem is that my house is often a wreck and i have no food. i’m also a procrastinator. 😉

so if you happen to have a friend who’s kind of the same way, let me suggest a bizarre little game that me and my friend, deanna, played yesterday. apparently we’re quite motivated by before and after pics. so we’d take a picture of the wreck and text it to the other. then we’d clean it up and text the after. (also kind of fun because i have no idea what texting is – still no cell phone – but discovered it on my ipod. kind of amazing.) anyways we found a way to use technology for good. i’m seriously going to show you my mess. ready? why am i doing this? ok, here we go. *you should know i’m kind of a slob. it’s just my thing.*







get the idea? ugly pictures, true. but effective. ok, onto some other tips. the fiber one protein bars are good. like, really good, but listen carefully… only eat one a day. for more reasons than one.


also, i got myself some cute glasses and latte bowls from anthropologie. and it even makes the mundane task of eating oatmeal kind of awesome. ok, not awesome, but more tolerable. oh, and these printables are great if you’re a checkbox kind of gal. any little tidbits you’ve stumbled across?



2 Comments on “resolution check in”

  1. tonyagarrick says:

    I’m pretty sure I saw a coffee “pot” in your bathroom….and if you’re a slob used to no food, you would feel right at home at my house!
    Welcome to the world of text! I have nothing good to share about my resolutions;)

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