our imaginary birthday party

hey guys! i’m sort of torn about what i’m about to share, but i think i’ll go ahead and do it. the bible says two things that are wrestling around in my head. on one hand, “Give your gifts in private, and your Father, who sees everything, will reward you.” Matthew 6:4

But it also says “Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.” Hebrews 10:24

I’m going to share a little idea and thought process with you, not in hopes of praise, but in hopes of motivating you to love and good works. Don’t tell me I’m nice or I’ll think I should have kept my mouth shut and feel guilty about it. If you really think it’s grand, you can consider doing something similar or changing things up a bit.

By nature, I love to entertain. I’m a visual person, so naturally I ADORE pinterest! I think it’s a source of inspiration daily. Love it. It actually saves me alot. This week I realized that our birthday had snuck right up on us. My 32nd birthday is not such a big deal, but it’s Jude’s 1st! That’s a big deal in baby world! With my others I have spent months planning color schemes, themes, music, food, favors, etc. Well, it seems like Jude just got here! I guess he did. So I freaked out and hit Pinterest and stayed up late perusing Etsy for little homemade touches. It was last minute, but I still had time to make it awesome. So I got to work.


It was going to have a Pajamas and Pancakes theme.


It would definitely have these cool donut and fruit kebabs too.

But the skewers would be all ombre, you know, as a nice extra touch.


No party is complete with out decorations, right? So we’d need some custom colored confetti and these trendy awesome tassel things I keep seeing everywhere.


I started stressing out big time. We just threw a Christmas party a few weeks ago, AND our social worker comes the day after this party. Today, after church, I planned on shopping up a storm to get all the appropriate, and completely on-trend color coordinating plates, cups, washi tape, stripey paper straws, little signs to label everything, digital downloads, invitations, and ALLLLLL that. Every time I throw a “little shindig” it costs hundreds. Hundreds. Like $200-$300 for this little party that he won’t remember. And I’d be stressing the whole time. And all of this occurred to me as I’m sending my hubs and Will and our best friends out to the Church Under the Bridge in downtown Houston. They’ll be distributing a couple hundred blankets for very cold homeless people. They have an urgent need for blankets, shoes, socks, coats, mittens, and scarves. Do you know how cold it is out there?! Really really cold. And sometimes raining. And we have an overabundance of these things. And money to buy more. I started thinking maybe instead of buying fancy tassels (and decorating the sticks that shall hold the tiny pancakes that shall prove to my toddler and our family and friends that I totally love and celebrate him), that maybe Jesus would have me do something different with what He’s given us. So instead we’ll have donuts and paper hats and white plates. I won’t be stressing and cooking a bazillion miniature pancakes while my company is over. I’ll be enjoying Jude and my family and friends.  I’ll make it as cute as I can for $50 and the rest of what I would have spent will go to buying warm things for those cold people. It probably won’t make Pinterest, but that’s not what we’re called to do, is it? And sometimes we just need a little reminder that we required to do more. Not for our kids, but for His. signature1


5 Comments on “our imaginary birthday party”

  1. Beth, I LOVE this! My word for the year is “serve” and I want to do all sorts of things like this. Thank you for being such a great example!

  2. wynneelder says:

    Amen. Good reminder! My word is give & it’s already wrecking my plans 🙂 c+a birthdays are coming up and I’ve yet to plan. Goodness those kids need nothing! I want to teach them about giving! You’ve given me a lot to think about 😉

  3. AudraKoning says:

    Beth, thank you for your raw honesty and transparency. We ARE often torn between the celebration and the need to be good stewards with what the LORD has given us (money or otherwise!). My word for the year is Eucharisto (Ann VosKamp’s 1000 Gifts has been particularly challenging!) and I am thankful that you have seen Jesus in the cold homeless people and want to encourage you that your little Jude will have such a great story to tell! You are changing the course of his little life with this one decision! Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. bctenges says:

    Love this! We won’t be having a big party for Azeb either =) We are taking our first vacation as a family of three (and my momma will be coming as well), and we will celebrate her birthday there together as a family. There have already been a few disappointed people in our plans!

  5. jennaknight says:

    Love this! I feel so inspired! your transparency and honesty is so refreshing!! Love you! XOXO

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