the fresh 20

ladies, let me assure you of two things.

1. this blog is so new and tiny that hardly anyone reads it. that means no one is advertising here. that means that if i tell you something is awesome, especially if i’ve tried it myself, i really really think it’s true and honest. no one’s paying me to try and sell you jack nothin’. so believe me when i tell you that…

2. the fresh 20 has changed my dinner time, which has in turn changed my life. ok, maybe not my life, but my evening mood, my aversion to kale, and the attitudes of my offspring. allow me to introduce you if you don’t know this freakin’ awesome website.


so the concept is genius. it’s a meal plan featuring 20 fresh ingredients and some pantry staples that you probably already have. you reuse things through the week. like when you buy chicken stock and you usually have a ton leftover? here, you’ll use it again. or celery. that’s so annoying. the meals are healthy and yummy. i’ve been averaging 2 out of 3 kids eating dinner. not bad! and it’s cheap!!! like really cheap. so i got all my fresh 20 ingredients, plus some snacks, milk, and a magazine even for $94! that’s unheard of! and there’s no processed food. i’m impressing myself with my cooking. AND jude doesn’t have to eat those creepy squeezy pouches of food anymore because our dinner is now as healthy as his, so i’m even saving money on that. AND they even have make-ahead instructions if you want to save a little time.

so anyway, i can’t say enough about it. membership is $15 for 3 months. check it out if you need some help in the dinner department. signature1


2 Comments on “the fresh 20”

  1. Jenny says:

    Ooh! This sounds awesome! Mealtime stresses me out and I feel like I spend way too much money on food that we never eat before it goes bad. Thanks for sharing this! I’m definitely going to check it out.

  2. wynneelder says:

    i heard about this recently from a girlfriend from church! but hadn’t looked up the website…love it. maybe after my daniel fast I’ll try it! such a clutch idea!

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