I Got a New Job

OK, it’s not like a job job, but it’s a big deal for sure. So, a year ago or so Give1 Save1 ran a campaign to get some kids sponsored through Children’s Hope Chest in the Greenlight community in Addis. We got a bunch of them sponsored, and if one of those dears is yours, thank you! And now, we’re taking it one step further. OK, lots of steps, actually. Brandon and I have accepted the job of sponsorship coordinators for Greenlight. We have 63 kids total, and only six of those are currently unsponsored. My first priority is to get us 100% sponsored as soon as possible. Right now, all of those kids receive all the benefits of sponsorship ( a meal a day, discipleship, tutoring, etc.), though the quality and quantity of those benefits will increase with each sponsorship. And we want the best for our kids, right?! We want them thriving! After we get them all sponsored I’ll let you know what projects we’ll be working on (financially and physically), to help restore the entire community. First up, is a medical fund, but more on that later! I’m getting ahead of myself.

Brandon will be coordinating the travel side of it. Right now we’re in chats with Children’s Hope Chest in regards to a trip to spend a week with our kids either this year or next year. Comment or email me at b(dot)cupitt(at)yahoo(dot)com if you’re interested in going to meet your sweetie! I won’t be going this year, but definitely next year!!!  We’ll be going at least once a year! 🙂 To learn more about Greenlight, click here. And if you have any questions at all about Hope Chest or Greenlight or your child, email me. They have been beyond transparent and trustworthy and would love to answer your questions.

ET2117054  Abel Zinaw-1


Update: Abel now has a sponsor!

So first, let’s just get these kids set up with sponsors! This is Abel. He’s stinkin’ cute, right? Sign up to sponsor him here ($34), and I’ll ship this little baby to you for free to help remind you to pray for him. Email me at b.cupitt@yahoo.com with your address.



One Comment on “I Got a New Job”

  1. wynneelder says:

    love this!! so excited for your new “job”! god had all the timing worked out perfectly. how sweet! can’t wait to see how he uses yall for this!

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