Late to the Party

So, I’m often the last one on the bandwagon, for some reason, and that is true in this instant, when I am the last person on the planet to read One Thousand Gifts. I started it and thought it was just so sad and poetic that I couldn’t bear and put it down (like a year ago or something). But I picked it up again this week and I’m SO glad I did. I’m in this interesting comforting/uncomfortable place right now in life. I feel like I just ran a marathon trying to correct every injustice in the world and exhausted as there’s so much left and only so much me and maybe I don’t make that much of a difference anyway. And then the new year came and I made a million resolutions to improve myself, my appearance, my habits, my talents, but that was exhausting too. Recently we started a new Bible Study called Chase, by Jennie Allen. And I sort of started thinking that I definitely chase things that might make me better, but I got this beautiful feeling that I could quit all that. Oh, the peace that comes with a holy “Be still”. But it only lasts for a split second because I don’t know how to be still. Just logistically. I think it’s time to learn and to stop spinning my wheels and that feels like heaven to just soak. And I’ve been working on it for a little while now, and it’s so so so good for me, but this book has really taught me alot about the magic key of thanksgiving. So do you mind if I share some of my list here? Not all of it or anything, but just a few things?

1. being the first to wake

4. woodgrain

5. my favorite mug being clean when i’m ready to drink


9. blue sky/gold sun

12. abby’s artistic expression


Have you ever made the list?



2 Comments on “Late to the Party”

  1. tiffygator says:

    The day always goes so much better when I’m up before the kids. I haven’t read the book, but I’ve been keeping a thankful list for a few years now. It helped me so much to see the good in each day during some dark times a few years back. P.S. Congrats on the new job!

  2. wynneelder says:

    i still haven’t finished the book! it’s one of those that I have to really let sink in & it still hasn’t fully. but you have inspired me to pick it up again! and start an actual list. love it!

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