the new neon


print i must own from etsy

i’ve got this new infatuation with neon. i know, so does everyone else and i’m a sucker for marketing. target loves me right back. neon is not exactly new, but this new little stint of neon is awesome for a few reasons:


1. it’s just in small doses

2. it mixes with nuetrals like grey, black, and brown and sometimes more than one of those. right now i’m rocking some tangerine with gray and brown. i love that nuetral mixing too. it makes my lack of proper attire look like it’s trendy and intentional instead of colorblind and broke.

3. it breaks a bit of spring into this winter pit. i LOVE winter, but i’m just about done with it. we’re starting to get a few days of fake spring here and there and it’s lovely.


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