How to Be a Grown-Up Girl: The Rings

Hey guys,

I wanted to share a little project that I’ve started working on for Abby called How To Be A Grown-Up Girl. It’s a binder so I can add to it as I go. It’s basically letters to Abs sharing wisdom and thoughts. I am using her pics to illustrate it. We’ve had alot of cute photoshoots around here lately. Here’s the one from this morning.


Dear Abby,

Today you found my trinket box and asked what was in there. I told you that’s where I keep my rings when I am cooking or doing dishes. Sometimes I forget to put them back on. I let you try them on and you sure felt pretty special. I’ve got three rings. One from my grandma and two from your dad, my wedding band and engagement ring.

My grandma is not much of a jewelry gal. She’s in her seventies now and doesn’t usually wear any jewelry. She’s even been known (in her younger days) to make Grandpa take jewelry back to the store because she thought it was a waste of money. She did that kind of thing alot. She kept three rings to pass down to us three grand-girls. I am the oldest, so I got the coolest ring. It looks kind of like a flower made out of diamonds. I adore it. You are now the oldest (and currently only) girl, so you’ll get it when you turn 18 just like I did. When I told you this you started clapping and said “I can’t wait for my birf-day!”


The engagement ring that Daddy got me was really an anniversary ring, but I liked it better than most engagement rings. He proposed to me on a little walk in the woods (in the rain) when we were vacationing in England. The band is what I wear most of the time because it doesn’t scratch Jude-o. 

And that’s the story of the rings. I’m currently hinting to Dad about a new band with some cool colorful stones in it for our 10th anniversary in a couple of months. We shall see. 

Love you,

Love Mom


One Comment on “How to Be a Grown-Up Girl: The Rings”

  1. jenny m says:

    what a beautiful idea…this will be such a treasure for Abby! Love this!

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