There’s a new guy at Greenlight and he’s precious! Look at that face. We’re fully sponsored now except for this little sweetie. Do you have room for him? His name is Alemayew. He was attending Greenlight once before, but he never did have a sponsor. I’d love for him to have one now. Email me if you would like to sponsor him at b.cupitt(at)yahoo(dot)com.

ET2117066  Alemayew Kinfe

In other Greenlight news, we have a big prayer request. Most of the kids who attend Greenlight live on the banks of a river. Their ‘homes’ are made of mud and plastic garbage. A few weeks ago the government decided to clean up by demolishing all of those homes. Now many of our kids are completely homeless. Please say a prayer for these people. Can you imagine? I just can’t. I’m so sad over it. If you have a Greenlight kid, why not head over and drop them an encouraging word? Click the orange ‘write to your child’ button at the bottom.



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