cabin fever

hey guys! sorry i’ve been gone forever. i want to tell you all about all the stuff i’ve got going on, but i’ve got so much going on that i don’t have time to! ironic.

ok, first up, i’ve got this life long dream… i’ve always wanted to own a hotel. well, i’m a housewife, you know. billions don’t just fall into the laps of housewives, generally. but we’ve been planning and scheming and scraping up some dough for a cabin in the hill country of texas. brandon went to see it last week and we just love it to pieces. the potential, anyway. ok, it’s not quite a hotel. it’s a tiny cabin, but it’s on 9 acres and we’re going to put some more on. it’ll ultimately be a glampsite and family retreat. it’s been in the works for a while now, but it’s almost GO TIME!!! so lately my brain is in the cabin game. researching floorplans and such.


in the meantime i’ve been researching ways to cut costs. one is to do my own decorating and cleaning (at least for a while). so i’ve been learning to clean like a pro (and my house has never looked better!). and i’m researching what is the big difference between hotel comfort and home comfort. guest houses are somewhere in between. but i’m figuring out all the logistics (like what goes on a bar cart and just how very many pillows are necessary). stuff like that. and implementing it in my own house. it’s fun. i’m in lala-land. so i’ve got some befores and afters coming soon. so for now, i’m daydreaming and planning and getting excited about a dream i thought would never happen. here’s some essential features to our tiny cabins and glampsite:




yes, goats are essential as well.


we’ll keep you posted. and on to the next adventure…



One Comment on “cabin fever”

  1. jenny m says:

    Beth! I love this so much!!!!! It’s so funny because everytime I read your posts, i think we need to live near one another because our lives are so similar {and you just seem so fun}! We are working on renovating an old farm house on some land we were able to buy a while back and we hope to use it as a vacation getaway for us, family and friends. I’m not on the same level…definitely not thinking of creating a hotel but I’m in creative mode and it is SO fun. And, we totally want goats too. 🙂 Love it!! I want to come and stay by that fire and never leave. 🙂

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