spring threads

hey ladies. can i just confess that dieting is exhausting. i’m so very very tired of trying to lose weight and trying not to obsess over it. i feel like my life it run by my desire for food and my desire to not be fat. boo. that’s no way to live. and i’ve been at it for about 20 years now. so i think it’s time to accept that this is how i look and it’s not all that bad. any of you feel me? so instead of freaking out over calories, i’m wising up and stepping up my wardrobe. here’s a few tips i’ve learned for my pear shaped mom-bod:

#1. open necklines are good. they help bring the eye upward. upward is better. i learned that too. and, hey Anthropologie, thanks for the loose tops this season. my waistline thanks you.


#2. go dark on the bottom. and high waisted. but not loose. just because you have a larger bottom half doesn’t mean you look better in baggy stuff. also, i’ve fought it. i wanted skinny jeans because they just look so cute on so many people and with so many looks, but with my lower half trousers and bootcut are more flattering. and it’s ok. look how cute these are. {old navy, $19}


#3. have fun with accessories. this is my favorite thing ever. i’ve found that i really like a simple top that won’t compete with my awesome jewelry. can’t wait for noonday’s new collection. i’ve been saving pennies! but 31 bits just came out with some fun stuff! { top: anthro,$48 }{necklace: 31 bits, $54}



so anyways, that’s that. it’s not about ‘giving up’. i’m starting to feel convicted about my health above vanity really, so i’m not saying there won’t be a modification to my eating. there should be in the very near future. maybe after cadbury egg season… but i am saying that i’m about to settle into embracing my body and life in some cute and comfy clothes that make sense.


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