the avocado farm

hey ladies. i totally don’t have an avocado farm. if i did i would be way fatter. but let me tell you a little story. when jason mraz was writing his album a few years back he retired to an avocado farm that he owns. he lived there for over a year creating, and all the while he never listened to any other music. he just wrote the music that was in him and didn’t want to be influenced by anything at all. just the source. and that’s what i’m doing in march. you will hear from me every day, but i won’t be looking at facebook or any other blogs because i think i’m being far too influenced. i find myself just too concerned with what everyone else is doing and i find myself wanting to blend in. but i’ve got to be authentic, you know? we all do. truly, nobody wants to know what i wore on wednesday (it was probably target) or what i ate (it was probably rice and beans), and sometimes a teeny break is just what we need to get in touch with our own voice and hear what the spirit is saying and what needs to be said.  this month might be whack. seriously. let’s just see. sorry if it’s weird. i’m not checking stats either. 😉

and on that note, a little old school mraz for ya…


One Comment on “the avocado farm”

  1. tiffygator says:

    Exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. I felt like I could think like “me” again, without outside influence, after our vacation…but then I got sucked right back in.

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