today starts day 1 of rice and beans month. i’m pumped, but already faced with a challenge… a birthday party at my place. but already (after 1 meal and devotional) there is some heart change going on in me. normally i’d go all out for a party. over the top food with appetizers and desserts and drinks. tonight we’re taking it a little easy. rice and beans and birthday cake. šŸ™‚ i started feeling ashamed about the food. then ashamed about the location. we are doing it in the art studio, which is a wreck and totally not decorated – like, at all. it’s where our stuff goes to die. but here’s the heart change: i’m already struck by how very much we have. i thought, “i need some new dessert plates. mine don’t all match, and that’s not food, i can buy those.” but immediately i think of my brothers and sisters in africa, who surely celebrate from time to time, surely have company from time to time, and they do the best they can with what they have. i have alot to work with. so i’m getting to work to spruce up the studio with what i’ve got. we’re moving some furniture and decorations outside and making it special. and my good friend is a grown man who will not give a crap at all about whether my dessert plates match or not, so it’s all good. it takes so much discipline to be content with what you have, you know, but i feel really good about it.

in other news, i’ve started a quilt (like a year ago), then put it down. now i have like 3 days to get it finished! yikes! and it’s all by hand. some people think it’s really noble or special or something that i do my quilting by hand, but it’s really because i’m so wretched with a sewing machine that it’s actually faster this way.



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