the what and the why

guys, i’m embarking on a mission. do you want to come with me? you won’t even have to leave your house. i know most of you don’t (unless it’s to school or the grocery store, right?) yeah, i know. i’m with ya.

let me back it up a little and share where my heart has been lately. i guess i say lately, but i don’t mean lately. it’s always. but i guess maybe lately i’m beginning to wrap my head around it and give it a voice and a name and figure it out. it is a little suspicion, a faint whispering, but deep felt conviction, that my life might be richer with less. did less. went outside. created more. sometimes i think it might not make sense, but i think i’m starting to realize that some of these longings might be hard-wired and biblically accurate. and i’m going to do some digging. i’m going outside. i’m getting rid of stuff. alot of it. i’m going to be working with my hands like women have for a bazillion years and i’m going to test that theory and learn what my soul says and what the Bible says about all that. i’m hoping for peace and simplicity and righteousness. want to with me? we start packing monday.



4 Comments on “the what and the why”

  1. Carrie says:

    I’m ready to join you. My stuff is weighing me down like an anchor.

  2. Jenny says:

    Yep. Sign me up! I’m in the midst of doing the same thing. Serious, crazy-to-other-people changes over here. Would love to walk alongside of you on this road to experiencing the good life that God intended for us (before we went and messed it all up with all of this STUFF and pursuit of our kingdom and not His)! Love your heart, friend! Let’s do this!

  3. wynneelder says:

    pretty much loving this series. i’m doing jen hatmakers 7 right now and it’s wrecking me. this is just fuel to the fire. glad we are in this together sister!

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