all you need is less


you guys, i have tried to write a decent blog post to explain this project, but i can’t get the words right! why do we desire simplification? it’s innate, right? we all have this idea, just out of reach, hard to articulate, that a simpler life with fewer possessions and cares could equal fewer worries and stresses. more time and energy to focus on what matters. we’re really going to dig way down deep on this, but today let’s just get started. we’ll explore as we go. right now, let’s just head into the kitchen and open those cupboards. look at them. they should easily house all your dishes. are they overflowing, toppling? how many plates does a gal need? i took mine way down. i’m going to show you the befores and afters too. my house isn’t exactly Pinterest-worthy, but i’ll show you my whole process and tell you what i learned.

dishes beforeso this is my before view. those bottom two shelves are what i use daily.  see that third shelf from the bottom? those are salad plates, y’all! like one million salad plates! what the heck do i need like 40 salad plates for?! and the ramekins? yeah, for all that creme brulee that i make all the time. *eye roll*

just to make sure i don’t need those, i scaled back to the essentials and put the rest high up on those top shelves. in a few weeks i’ll donate whatever’s up there if i don’t have to pull it back down again.


this is much better. more functional, much better looking, and some bonus perks. when i use fewer dishes (and they are my favorite ones) i have less to wash. i don’t use plates for a day and a half and then get a load behind and all that. i can see that i’m almost out of bowls, run the dishwasher and put them back. and putting them back is way easier (more peace, got me?). no juggling and stacking too high or moving stuff around in the cupboard. it just fits! miracle.

and while this doesn’t seem like a game changer, it totally is. less frustration for me equals more peace for me and my family. then i can let my mind wander, pray, or chat with the kids while i’m putting dishes away instead of being annoyed at my cabinets as soon as i wake up. it’s just little stuff, but it just feels so much better and looks so much better. oh, gosh, here’s another doozy! the coffee mugs! this is kind of embarrassing.

cupsbefore cupsafter

i kept 4 cups, two to drink out of and two in the wash (just in case), and put the rest up high. same story, i’ll give them away soon if we don’t need them.

first we have to address the what if?! what if i have company over and we all want to drink coffee? my coffee pot only makes enough for 4 people, so we’re good. ok, what if we have a party and we need lots of coffee cups at the same time? then i’ll stock up on disposables. that’s about it. i’ve lived with my dishes like this for several days and i’m loving it.

so if you’re feeling the need to declutter, stick with me, i’ll help. i’m told i’m ruthless (but i love it). i’ll be out of town for most of this week, but we’ll get back to it next weekend, as well as exploring some other crucial keys to living a simple life. most important: what do you do with all the time and money you find yourself saving? paring down is helpful, but heart stuff is better. we’ll go there. see you soon!


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