blog fail.

ha! ok, so sorry this blog bites the big one. it’s got a major identity crisis. man, i started blogging just to document my life and thoughts in a creative way and got way sidetracked. i figured maybe i should talk more about you and less about me. then i tried to figure out what you needed, but you’re a complicated lady with many layers, so gosh, i don’t know. but let me just get back to what i know. me and my peeps. then i don’t have to stress so much about original content and relevant material and all that. let’s just chat instead. maybe only my grandma will read my blog. that’s perfectly cool. so on with it.

here’s what’s up with us lately.


jude’s been home 6 months! i finally figured out his hair. i was just getting to that place where i was just going to buzz it, but his head is misshapen and looks a little funny without big hair. and also his hair is just so awesome. but i wasn’t doing it justice at all. but i got it, y’all. trial and error, but i think his new look suits his personality better. the cheeky thing.

on the homefront we did find our fredericksburg place. we close on it next month. wanna see?


it’s a 105 year old farmhouse. amazing potential. i adore it. and i can’t wait to get started on the glampsite. we’ll be opening late this summer!

glampinglogoWe’re also going to be giving homeschool another shot. Will has come miles in terms of social growth. Brandon is a great teacher (has a degree in early childhood education), and is going to be taking on the school project this round. last time it was too much for me with the kids and the house and all that. this time it’s him, and i’m the sidekick. i’m pumped about that. i think it’s a really good match. so life is about to get really interesting. we’re totally living the dream. i love it when that happens.


3 Comments on “blog fail.”

  1. Debbie (erica's mom) says:

    Beth it is beautiful – can’t wait till you open so can make a reservation and finally visit Fredricksburg. God’s blessings on your dream becoming a reality.

  2. Destiny says:

    Your going to ROCK glamping because your awesome!!!

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