the patio project

so guys, i guess it’s about time for a house tour. for a few reasons, actually. mostly mine. see, we’re thinking of listing this little baby of mine on the market, like, possibly really really soon. which actually produces all kinds of mixed emotions. i have loved this house more than any person should love an inanimate object. she has no feelings. but she has so much charm. i have to start thinking about what colors buyers would rather see than myself. or practical use of spaces. we’re not always practical. things like that. but before i venture into depersonalizing my little haven, i thought i need to document it. my first house. i’ll love her forever. 

this weekend we spent the whole time outside paving and ‘rocking’ the patio until it looked like this. 




next week we finish out the courtyard with terra cotta saltillo tiles. it’s going to be beautiful and i’m not going to want to sell it! so the moral of the story, ladies, is not to put off your awesome home improvement projects until you are selling your house. that’s no way to live. and that’s what i’m reminding myself for the new house. 




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