she’s all eyes and hair

this girl is just all eyes and hair. messy hair always in her face, in her food. today she’s sick. her dad stayed up with her all night, holding that hair while she puked her little guts out and i slept right through it. love them.


i’m counting my gifts these days and i can truly say i can be thankful in all things when my gratitude journal looks something like this.

  • thank you, Lord, that will hasn’t puked in a few hours
  • thank you, Lord, that jude puked on the tile and not the upholstery
  • thank you, Lord, that when abby puked it didn’t wake the other two

and so on. you get the idea. anyway, sorry about the graphic post but that’s my week! 🙂


One Comment on “she’s all eyes and hair”

  1. Jenny says:

    I love you! I love this post! I love that photo! I’ve SO been there and am just smiling at the way you have turned all things into praise. I am in need of an attitude adjustment some days and this is the perfect example of how to do this life well, full of gratitude and able to laugh in the face of, well, puke.
    Hope everyone feels better soon!!

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