the farmhouse

hey guys, it took me nearly a week to get caught up on laundry enough to blog about our long weekend at the new farmhouse. i’ll break it down a little bit. today i’ll just show you the house cause you haven’t got to see it all.

ok, for some reason i didn’t think to take a picture of the whole thing, so here’s the real estate picture.


IMG_6110 this is my favorite spot to be, the front porch. it’s got the prettiest view and a constant breeze. in the morning i would get up and bring my coffee out, wrap up in a blanket (i can’t believe it was actually cold) and watch the sun come up and all the animals come to life. we spent hours here. my very first project is going to be sanding and painting the posts on the porch. i’ve got my colors picked out and everything.

IMG_6096this is the living room. it’s all still kind of naked. i have since gotten a new leather chair and rug and a pretty wooden bead chandelier.

if you look to your right you’ll see the kids’ room


and then you head to the kitchen


and then our room

IMG_6100it’s all still a little undecorated and just functional, but we’ve started shopping and filling in the gaps. we’re starting a major straight up remodel of the bathroom, kitchen, and adding a bathroom where there was a bedroom. after that i get to do the fun decorating stuff!

ready to see upstairs? it’s kind of scary, but kind of awesome. right now we’re just sort of ignoring it until we’re ready to tackle it. so from the front door you see this. i’m so painting these white stat.


and then you turn around and see this


and there are four rooms up there that look something like this… kind of cool, kind of weird.

IMG_6269anyway, this is it! we love it. we love the peace. we love the distance. it’s really out there. it makes me want to grow cucumbers and make them into pickles. it makes me want to sew by hand and wear aprons and all kinds of weird country things. it makes me crave buttermilk pie. what’s up with that?! i don’t know, but i’m totally making one next time. and i’m thinking we need a women’s retreat here, yeah? like farmgirl camp or something. i can’t wait to get it all lovely!


4 Comments on “the farmhouse”

  1. Carrie says:

    I LOVE the idea of a women’s retreat! And I’ll have a piece of that buttermilk pie please!

  2. tiffygator says:

    Oooh, I love it! I’m so jealous. And all those rooms upstairs!!! I can’t find anything with enough rooms for us at the right price.

    P.S. Totally not the same at all, but I saw your paint colors on pinterest. We had just painted a little “fairy house” similarly. 🙂

  3. Great post. I will be experiencing ɑ few оf thesе issues ɑs well..

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