i totally pet a cow

so, let me just say that i’m not exactly a country girl. i did mention buttermilk pies and such in my last post, but when it comes down to the real deal, i’m normally not a fan. and huge animals make me really nervous. so in theory i liked these cows, but when it came down to it, i was kind of freaked out. their nostrils are right near my face and ginormous. their moo is bone deep, y’all. these things are huge. but i was determined to try and make friends with these guys since i fully intend to be a bonafide farmgirl someday. i mean, i need to get cool with large stinky animals.

start to finish, this was like a 10 hour job. i started out with dangling crackers over the fence. that was a no go. it took me a LONG time, but i finally tiptoed out into the field with them. this is my literal tiptoe. i’m chatting her up and all, but she keeps on moving and looking back at me like i’m loco.


so then we moved the kids’ baby pool into the field and put fresh water in it. a couple of the young ones came up and i watched them from the other side of the fence.


but when i opened the gate that little red one looked like she was going to eat me and they mozied on.

cows4 cows5

i beg them to come back and they kind of consider, but ultimately no…


the kids had been with my grandparents all day so i could harass cows in peace. when they returned here’s what happened: my mother (a former farmgirl, which i forget every day of my life) downs a glass of wine and then my seven year old dares her to go out there and pet one. and she does. they both do like it’s nothing. they don’t take a cracker or anything.


so i realized that maybe my mom just went up a notch in awesome and/or maybe cows aren’t that hard to catch. and neither my mother nor my child gets eaten. in fact, it looks like no big deal after all, so i head out there.


victory! guys, this is josephine. she’s my cow. do you see my face? i do not know this kind of joy in my everyday life. there’s usually alot of diapers and dishes and snacks and emails. but on this day a giant cow snuggled me. and that is the story of how i totally pet a cow. and i’ll do it again too.


One Comment on “i totally pet a cow”

  1. superhero84 says:

    So I’m watching a video today of the Turtle Man trying to catch a llama. The llama spits on him violently, and I suddenly thought of Brandon….

    By the way, about your story above, country living will make you laugh with exhilaration and cry with deep sorrow. It’s the way things are supposed to be.

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