made up jobs

i have a question for you and i really want to know the answer, so don’t leave me hanging. you guys are all so creative! so let your mind go there and tell me this…

what would you do if you knew you would succeed? my brain is in the job department because my heart wants to be on a farm. i want goats and chickens and flowers and quiet. but there’s this tiny little hangup… my husband’s job is in scenic houston. it’s a really good job that allows us to have both houses, but i want to be in the far away one. we could do a commute and go back and forth, but i happen to like my husband quite alot and i want to see him every day, not just some days. so there’s just that money problem. dang money. it’s so annoying and necessary, right? so let’s pretend i could be the bread winner and my ideas would totally work, be fulfilling, and provide for the family so we’re free to pet cows and make goat cheese in our free time.

imaginary job #1… small, funky wedding planner

so we’ve got all this space and scenary and i’m not entirely sure what to do with it. but i love fun, funky brides and i love awesome photography and i love party planning and homemade decor. so i’m thinking maybe i’ll make really awesome small weddings for those funky austin brides.

outdoor stuff like this

ae98185d76dccb1fb9d5c693e06f75a0source – michelle marie photography

and some cute outdoor tables and settings like this

e361abde9ea699e78905862a063ee36fbut with christmas lights. lots and lots of them.

yep, that’s one job i’d like to do if i knew i could. you’re not a trendy austin bride are you? hmm…

imaginary job #2… glam photographer

once upon a time i used to be a boudoir photographer. i made alot of money and i was amazing at my job. i love working with women, i really do. and i can make them love how they look and that’s no small job. it’s been a problem in the family though, because i can’t really have a bunch of half naked ladies in my house and on my computer with a husband and three kids. but this is actually going to happen because i do miss it and we’re just going to make a way. but i’ll be perfectly honest with you and tell you the truth. i am awesome at boudoir, but my true love is in glamour photography. clothes on, styled, props, outdoors. this is some of my work in that realm, but i want to do way more and way more fun stuff too. bows and arrows and giant flower wreaths and lavendar fields. that’s what i’d do for sure if i knew i could make it.




imaginary job #3… goat cheese lady. self explanatory, yes? making goat cheese, hanging with goats. who doesn’t love a goat?


so what would your imaginary job be? if you could combine all the things you love and it would work? what would you do?


8 Comments on “made up jobs”

  1. crystal says:

    I don’t want to leave you hanging!!! But I am not at all creative and I think I kind of already love my job – I sell insurance to people at the best possible price that I can. Our agency is ethical and we don’t cheat our customers and we look for new rates for them at their renewal – I get to call them and say hey – I have a better price for you! They’re all so excited – there is just one hang up for me – I miss my kiddos – I don’t get to see them nearly enough. Thank goodness their daddy homeschools them so they can hang with me at the office, but I want to continue to grow and branch out so that I can hire enough people and not have to work so much 🙂

  2. Destiny says:

    You make me laugh! hard!

  3. Kay Beth, I can totally see #1 or #2 really taking off!! You should go for it!! My dream job (right now) is teaching disadvantaged people overseas how to make things (like quilts or jewelry) and then selling them.

    I can’t wait to see your dreams come true!

  4. Deanna Harrison says:

    How bout glamour goat photography?

  5. tiffygator says:

    We know some people that have a blog, a website, and the husband does web design here and there. He also just became a real estate agent. They aren’t wealthy, but they make ends meet.

    • Beth Cupitt says:

      i’m starting to think that’s where we might land. just a little here and there kind of thing.

      and on another note, since our gentlemen are taking off this year, maybe next year we should take a girls’ mission trip to paris or something. 😉

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