crocheting is so hard!

ok, so sorry to break it to you, but you lost the giveaway last week. yeah, no one entered so you lost. sorry. my dear friend deanna pointed out that nobody cares about needlepoint, so maybe that’s why… well, i won’t give up! the family of the week is rocking on give1save1 and you should totally give them a dollar. and then you should post about it on your blog. oh, the plan would so work. They are an amazing family and their videos are hilarious. And they’re over halfway to the goal and I love it when the bar goes all the way. So here’s the link.


i totally didn’t make these. wish i did. this chick did.

And in other news, my crafting kick has hit a snag (get it?!). crocheting is crazy hard. or maybe you’re just born knowing how to do it. there’s like this secret club or something and they speak in codes (called ‘patterns’) and make tutorials that don’t explain anything at all! i need to make granny squares but I can’t!!! any of you have any good starting places? good tutorials. like, pretend i went and bought yarn and a hook thingy and now i want to make a granny square exist. i managed to figure out how to make a knot and a chain stitch. and then it turns into insanity that makes me want to cuss. like i want to cuss right now just thinking about it, but i won’t. but anyway, crochet emergency. how’s your week going? still in the honeymoon phase of summer?


2 Comments on “crocheting is so hard!”

  1. I am with you on the crocheting Beth! I have friends that are awesome at it and say it’s so easy! So after struggling to learn via YouTube and Google I finally forced my friend to give me a lesson and I couldn’t even make a simple little chain. I failed miserably, she still laughs about it. Have you done knitting? I only know the basics but I think it’s much easier, though, sadly, doesn’t look as cool.

  2. tonyagarrick says:

    I wish I could crochet!

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