a little bit of nesting

we got some of the new stuff in the country house. my favorite colors are green and turquoise, but i’m really into grey and white right now, so we decided to sort of combine. here’s the living room so far.


and though the model is quite adorable, so is the chair and you can see it better in this picture.


this week the chandelier and the cute tiles are going up.


we were also celebrating our ten year anniversary and father’s day. we wanted plants. i got lavender and brandon planted it. he got succulents. i dug the cow poop. we also saw two tarantulas and brandon killed a snake! let’s not look at those things though. let’s, instead, look at the plants.



tomorrow we’re headed back to start working on the glampsite bathrooms! this dream is actually becoming an actual reality. like soon! i’m so excited!!!


4 Comments on “a little bit of nesting”

  1. jenny m says:

    LOVE this!! oh, I can’t wait to continue to watch this farmhouse come together!! It is so cozy and serene…

  2. It looks fabulous already, can’t wait to see it when you are all done!

  3. Mama Corn says:

    When will your glampsite be open?

    • Beth Cupitt says:

      should be open at the end of september. brandon’s finishing up the decks next week and then i’ll have some proper pictures. in fact, my niece’s 13th bday is this week and we’re glamping with her friends (though roughing it a little more than i like!). you guys should come out in the fall. i’d love to hang!

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